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Date Teams Bet Our Picks & Best Odds
6/19 Rockies @ Phillies ML Col +210 at BetOnline
6/19 Dodgers @ Athletics ML LAD +112 at BetOnline
6/20 Cubs @ White Sox O/U u10 -120 at BetOnline
6/20 Cardinals @ Tigers ML Stl +120 at BetOnline

2012 MLB Baseball Betting

Welcome to Free MLB Baseball Picks. This site is under new ownership, and our 2012 MLB picks should be much better than last year. We have new, proven MLB handicappers making our picks now, and we're excited to give you a lot more winners than in previous seasons. During the 2012 MLB season, we'll be giving you winners for run lines, money lines, and over/unders - along with the best sports betting sites to place your bets. We hope everyone can make some nice profits with our 100% free, 2012 MLB picks.

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How to Bet on MLB Baseball Games

Although there are many ways to bet on MLB baseball, the most popular types of bets are called run lines, money lines, and totals (over/under).

Futures bets are also common in baseball, and a variety of futures are available. We can bet on who will win each division, league, the World Series, and the total regular season wins for each team.

MLB Run Line Bets

Run line bets are similar to puck line bets in hockey. The favored team is handicapped by 1.5 runs, and the underdog is given 1.5 runs. For example, let's imagine a game with the Dodgers on the road against the Giants.

Playing at home, we'll say the Giants are favored at -120 on the money line. Since they're the favorite, the Giants would have to give up 1.5 runs, typically making them an underdog on the run line. So, if we took the Giants -1.5, we'd probably get a price in the range of +240.

For bets on the Giants to win, they would have to win the game by two or more runs. So, an actual win by the Giants of 6-4 would be adjusted to 4.5-4. If the Giants win the game 5-4, run line bets would lose because the adjusted score would be 3.5-4.

For run line bets on the Dodgers to win, they can lose by one run and still generate a winning bet.

MLB Baseball Money Line Bets

A money line bet is a straight-up wager on who will win the game. Odds are based on the perceived strength of each team, and experience in finding value is the key.

In most MLB games, the favorite will be indicated with a negative money line while the underdog will have a positive money line. In games that are considered to be very close, it is possible for both teams to have negative money lines. Negative and positive money lines are both are calculated with $100 as the basis number, but they are calculated differently. Here's how it works:

Negative Money Lines

As mentioned above, negative money lines indicate the favorite in a game. Negative money lines show us how much money we would have to wager in order to win $100 in profit. So, a negative money line of -140 means we would have to wager $140 to win $100 (or $14 to win $10) in profit ($240 total return).

Positive Money Lines

Positive money lines indicate the underdog, and show us how much profit would be won from a $100 wager. So, a positive money line of +140 tells us that a wager of $100 would result in a $140 profit (or $10 to win $14, or $5 to win $7, etc.)

When Both Teams Have Negative Money Lines

When both teams have a negative money line, it's because the game is considered to be very evenly matched. In this type of situation, you might find both teams at -110 (or -105), or something like -102 for one team and -108 for the opposing team.

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MLB Over/Under Bets

MLB over/under bets (also called totals) are wagers based on the combined score of both teams. For example, if the Yankees beat the Red Sox 5-3, the total is 8.

A bettors job is to predict if the score will be higher than the total (over), or lower (under). In MLB baseball, totals are usually in the range of 5.5 to 7.5 runs, but they can be higher or lower as well.

If an over/under is an even number, and the final score is equal to the over/under, the bet is a push (wagers returned to the bettor). In many cases, the over/under will be X.5, therefore every wager results in a win or a loss.

While the hitters of each team need to be considered, MLB over/unders are largely based on the starting pitchers. While MLB over/under bets are more predictable later in the season, better value can often be found early in the season. Every year there are players that rise or fall, and bettors who follow the game closely have an advantage.

Throughout the 2012 MLB season, we'll be offering free picks for over/under bets as well as money line and run line bets. We'll also show you best places to bet on sports, along with other games they available. If you have an interest in poker, the best place for info is They have reviews for all of the best poker sites, plus content to improve your game.

MLB Live Betting

Live bets are wagers that can be placed while a game is in progress. Bettors can wager as little as $1, on all sorts of things that might happen during a game. For example, you can bet on the result of the next at-bat (hit, home run, ground out, fly out, strikeout, walk, hit by pitch), or how many runs will be scored in the upcoming half-inning.

Since MLB live betting has become so popular, nearly every online sportsbook now offers it. Some books offer live betting for one or two of the best games each day, while others offer it for almost every game.

Since live bets are essentially props, they usually have a vig in the range of 10-15%. This isn't as good as money line bets (usually 5-10% vig), but live betting can add a lot of fun to even the most boring baseball games.

Mobile MLB Betting

Along with live betting, mobile MLB betting is also growing very quickly. We can now bet on baseball games using our iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, and nearly any smartphone or tablet.

Combined with live betting, we can bet on every batter - while we watch the game from the stands! Grab a beer, and your iPhone.

2012 MLB Futures Betting

Futures bets are wagers based on seasonal results. In baseball, bettors can wager on who will win each division, league, and the World Series. MLB futures bets can be made well in advance of a season beginning, and deep into a season as well. There are pros & cons to each strategy, and here are some things to consider:

- If you bet early, the sportsbook will have your money for a long time. Winning futures bets don't pay out until the season ends, which means you won't have this money to bet with along the way. For this reason, we recommend that serious bettors working with a bankroll keep their futures bets to a maximum of 1% of their bankroll.

- If you like an underdog, it's usually smart to get your bets in early. If you're right and the team is doing well, their odds will come down throughout the season. By betting early, you can lock in greater odds.

- Just because a team looks good on paper doesn't mean they'll perform well on the field. For MLB futures, I look for teams who have key players that rarely get injured, and teams that haven't had too many changes during the off-season. I want to know these guys play well together, and that a new player won't cause a problem in the locker room. For these reasons, and because favorites have the lowest odds, I typically pick a team (or teams) that give me greater odds, and have the above factors going for them.

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